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Knowledge needs to be shared. What use is knowledge to anyone unless it is shared?


Helping weavers take ownership of their own designs.

Vintage pencil sketch By the late Greg Jones

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About e-weave Online

Those who explored and wrote about weaving in the past could barely have imagined, let alone created, the drafts we can make with the tools of our time.  We like to think that they would have embraced, not shunned, computers, weave design programs, and dobby looms. The goal of online tutorials, and live presentations, is to offer educational resources to the many weavers to whom these are not currently accessible.


E-Weave Online's aim is to provide design resources to weavers working with 4, 8, or more shafts, regardless of where in the world they are weaving!


A lifetime in weaving; 36+ years in systems; 20+ years in computer weave design.